Monster Mortgage

So many new leads, it’s scary.

Work within a modest budget, position Monster’s brand for growth, gain quality leads, and stand up to the bigger players.

We discovered that customers were frustrated with big banks and traditional lending institutions; they were seen as bureaucratic, less flexible and faceless. We saw an opportunity to differentiate from the big players as a relevant alternative, and one that fights for the customer.

Stand for Something
Monster Mortgage: a friendly and approachable alternative to the banks.

Do Something Outstanding
We created the Monster Mascot to humanize and visually support the brand. We positioned Monster Mortgage as an affordable opportunity to own a home, the monster that is on your side and will fight for your rights and give you a better experience.

To capture more leads we designed a web site, taking usability and interface design into account to make the site more engaging and provide a far greater user experience. The site is fully responsive and is built on a CMS platform, enabling strategic financial updates in real-time. Further integrating the site with their CRM software allowed agents to obtain lead information, also in real-time, improving service levels and customer engagement.

Our lead generation strategy deployed SEM tactics, coupled with on-going content marketing updates, to boost organic traffic.

Bounce rates decreased by 34%, time on site increased by 27%.
Increase in leads over the previous year by 22%.