Chateau Le Parc

An Experience when there was None

Chateau Le Parc

 Chateau Le Parc

Sell something that didn’t exist.

How do you generate leads that ultimately convert to bookings when a venue is still under construction? How do you present this to brides who like to touch and feel, and have high expectations for their wedding celebrations? 1) Create a sophisticated, European inspired brand personality 2) Unveil at Canada’s Bridal Show 3) Develop a booth that aligned with the brand personality 4) Put the icing on the cake with the creation of an immersive 3D video that brought the venue to life, showcasing every luxurious detail. As a result, the venue garnered 80% booking capacity before couples could even visit to tour the facility.





Trade Show Booth

Sales Collateral

Touch Pads Renderings

3D Animations

Corporate Video

Grand Opening Launch Event

 Chateau Le Parc Chateau Le Parc Chateau Le Parc