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Builder Marketing Taken to A New Level

CountryWide Homes

CountryWide Homes

Communities fade away, the brand lives on.

After years of launching community after community, NGEN proactively directed CountryWide to invest in their master brand. Research indicated that CountryWide’s homes had better resale and perceived value in the market. NGEN took advantage of this positive perception to reposition the brand as a premium builder that offers A New Level of quality while connecting on an emotional level with their target. The concept was built around one’s happiest and warmest moments in life. A multi-media campaign was deployed, resulting in 403,000 video views over a 3 month period and over 70% increase in web traffic during the same period. Results were above client expectations, receiving a nomination at the 2017 Bild Awards’ Best Overall Marketing Campaign. Proof that branding can be as powerful as location, location, location.



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CountryWide HomesCountryWide HomesCountryWide HomesCountryWide HomesCountryWide Homes