Avenue on 7

Right Person, Right Message, Right Time.

Launch IKore Developments – an unknown high-rise condo builder’s first ever project in Vaughan where such offerings are not as relevant in a single dwelling environment.

Research showed that, beyond the obvious established Italian culture, there was a bubble subculture of younger (25 – 40), affluent “Woodbridge Italians” who love living in Woodbridge. With their hip, upscale and active lifestyles, this demographic craved the urban culture experience of the city. Absolutely perfect for the condo offering.

Stand for Something
Avenue on 7: The place where established culture and desired social culture collide. “This is urban living, Woodbridge style.”

Do Something Outstanding
We chose to depict nightlife scenes that also featured hints of the Italo-Canadian culture that is so prevalent in the area. We used these immensely familiar and culturally impactful symbols over high-fashion nightlife scenes to depict two worlds coming together harmoniously – a new level of social interaction and urban convenience.

The project was 65% sold in one month, receiving accolades from the real estate and broker community.