CountryWide Homes

Taking the Brand to a New Level.

After ten years, a company gets to know its exact place in the market and its customer’s expectations. New positioning and branding should reflect this new phase – a more mature and recognized builder.

Research indicated that CountryWide Homes has better resale absorption and perceived value in the market. Quality in every detail became a notable feature related to the brand. Surveys and internal discussions led to the same conclusion: the offer is premium, so it should be advertised as such.

Stand for Something
A New Level. It’s not only a tagline, but the company’s mindset on everything it touches: from the materials selections, the internal processes, staffing, the buyer’s journey, and the way they communicate.

Do Something Outstanding
A complete marketing repositioning was executed, establishing benchmarks inside this category and brands to be inspired by in the affordable luxury market. New mission, vision and corporate values were defined. A new logo, new style guide, new website, new sales centres, and a new corporate campaign… Everything was designed to ensure a premium experience at every touch point.