Chateau Le Parc

Selling what did not exist.

How to position, promote and sell a venue that was not even built!

To create the ultimate brand experience, given the Vaughan location, we leveraged the builder’s architectural language, creating a sophisticated, European inspired brand personality that would appeal to an elite, multicultural audience.

Stand for Something
Château Le Parc: dedicated to creating “An Artisan Experience”.

Do Something Outstanding
Our overall brand position was supported throughout every touch point, including hand-crafted letterpress stationery with sample menus by renowned chefs, a responsive website featuring an incredible user experience, 3D architectural visualizations and animations.

In order to create a buzz within the industry we secured a premium booth at Canada’s Bridal show. Looping on a giant screen was an emotion-grabbing lifestyle, luxury video showcasing the facility 12 months before construction.

We delivered the icing on the cake by handing the operator several hundred leads – many of which have lead to reservations for the new facility, delivering an 80% booking for year one.