The Giant Rubber Duck and the Power of Social Media.


A Giant Rubber Duck generated $4.2 million for the waterfront in Toronto.

Everyone in Toronto in these past few weeks has heard about the giant rubber duck resting in the calm, Harbour Front waters. As part of the Canada 150 celebrations, as well as the annual Redpath Waterfront Festival, Ontario’s government invested $120K in the biggest quacker in the world. Many taxpayers cried over the money spent, claiming that the duck was not only a waste of money, but also that it didn’t represent Canada.

However, after the celebrations finished, the duck showed itself to be a good move. It generated $4.2 million for the waterfront. The hashtag #GiantRubberDuck had about 3,200 mentions alone and more than 1,840,000 direct results on Google searches. Local businesses were thrilled with the good results.

Selfies with the 61-foot-high duck were seen all over the internet, and whole families went to Harbour Front to see it. Of course, Canada Day is always a popular holiday. It consistently attracts people to the festivities downtown, but it’s safe to say that many of them went to the very ends of the shore just to appreciate the yellow fellow. Despite all the controversy, many instagramers seem to agree – it’s always worth it to invest in entertainment.

Maybe this could be a lesson to all advertisers, marketers and skeptics that are afraid of betting on new ideas. What are you doing to generate buzz for your business?

-Silvia Oshiro / Social Media Coordinator at NGEN

Digital | July11, 2017 | ngen

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